About Me

As a mom, I love pottering about the house and doing lots of stuff for my husband and kids. My goal is always to make the house more liveable and cozy or to cook and bake food that my family will love.

Ever since I was a child, I have always been fond of do-it-yourself arts and crafts. I loved discovering things for myself and improving the look and feel of things and of the home. When I got married, this is something that I have further developed. When I started to have kids, I enjoyed doing things with my kids, spending time with them creating and building things and using it as home decors or as part of the furniture. I have also involved my kids in cooking and baking so that they know the value of hard work. At the same time, I wanted them to understand that they also could have fun while working.

Then, I started documenting the things that we have been doing as a family. I started showing it to my friends and neighbors because I am very proud of the things that we have been doing, even the silly ones. Then I got lots of questions from my friends on how to do this and that. In fact, friends of friends and people I didn’t even know became interested in our crafts.

This was how Idea Queen was born. I’ve started putting in all of my photos and instructions for our projects in one website and sharing it with friends. Until I started getting lots of traffic and thus decided to open this website to more people. Currently, I enjoy the fact that other people are interested in my projects. This is why I continue doing this. I hope that you will get inspired by my artwork and recipes and do these things on your own too.