Sweet 16 Gift Basket Ideas by Idea Queen

Sweet 16 Gift Basket Ideas

Since the age 16 marks the exciting age where it's now legal to drive a car, you'll probably want to add something car related to it. There are many other items you can add because 16 is an important age for any teen. Many of these ideas can be used for boys or girls, although I'll assume this gift basket is being made for a girl.

Sweet 16 Gift Basket Ideas:

- Toy Car
- Diary
- Candles
- Bath & Body Items
- Gift Certificates for Clothing, CDs, or other Favorite Store

- Memory Books/Scrapbooks
- Keepsake boxes/Music boxes
- Jewelry
- Personalized Card or other items

As with any gift basket, if you are making your own be sure to add some personal items for the person receiving the gift. If you add a candle, be sure to add their favorite candle scent. If they like bath and body items, add something you know they will love.

Specific Sweet 16 Gift Basket Ideas

The following were pulled from our collection of recipes and other ideas. Each have no author, but you may gather some ideas from them just the same. If you have sweet 16 gift basket ideas, please be sure to user the form below.

Teen Girl Gift Basket
Put contents in a large purse or cosmetic bag:
- subscription to her favorite teen magazine
- movie pass
- gift certificate to her favorite clothes store
- gift certificate to a day at a spa
- her favorite cookies
- her favorite music CD
- her favorite nail polish - with remover
- a letter from you (in your own handwriting) why you love her and what you admire about her

Teen Boy Gift Basket
Put in hat or packsack:
- subscription to his favorite teen magazine
- movie pass
- gift certificate to his favorite sports store or clothing store
- his favorite cookies
- his favorite music CD
- pass to his favorite gym or sport activity
- gel or cologne
- a letter from you (in your own handwriting) why you love him and what you admire about him

Additional Sweet 16 Gift Basket Ideas

Gift Jars & Gift Baskets

Gift jars are a semi-new idea, and have become very popular over the last few years. It's a decorative way to give family and friends starter mixes for different types of food. Just use basic canning jars which can be picked up at almost any store, add your ingredients, and decorate. Makes for a nice gift for those who do light cooking, and can also be used inside of gift baskets.

Ideas Queen has put together a package of ebooks featuring gift jar recipes and gift basket ideas. In our Gift Jar Recipes & Homemade Gift Basket Ideas package, you'll find the following ebooks:

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99 Gift Basket Ideas
A gift basket idea for everyone on your list! They've left noone out of this guide - featuring gift baskets for children, adults, grandparents, gardeners, business people, campers, collectors, and many others.

Bonus - Guide to Decorating a Cake
Also included in this package is a free ebook titled "A Beginner's Guide to Decorating a Cake". Very detailed information with useful tips. Pictures included!

All three of these ebooks are availabe in one small package. If you are working on inexpensive Christmas gift ideas or need ideas for any time of year, this is a must have! You'll save money in the long run using many of these great ideas for inexpensive gifts all year round.

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Gift Jars and Gift Baskets

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