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Ideas for a Website Topic

If you haven't already read our section on business ideas (see Online Business Ideas), this page is specifically for creating niche market sites with content. What you add to them (affiliate programs, advertising, or something completely different) is up to you. These are just ideas for topics of interest.

Before you start looking through this list, I challenge you to write your own passions down on a piece of paper. If you come across something on this list that you forgot, add it to your paper. When you are finished, be sure to expand on each topic and get into smaller markets (for example, if you love candles, you might think of a site for a specific TYPE of candle). Get specific!

Website Topic Ideas

Pet Topics
- Cats
- Dogs
- Healthy Pet Food
- Pet Toys

Music Topics
- New CDs
- Specific Classifications (rock, country, etc)
- Music News
- Lyrics (Be very careful with this one - make sure you have permission to post the lyrics)
- Sheet music

Healthy Living Topics
- Household Supplies
- Soaps & Personal Items
- Foods

Computer Topics
- Internet services
- Computer news
- Brand comparisons

TV Topics
- Information on shows
- Kids show reviews
- Reality Shows
- Medical shows
- History Shows

Movie Topics
- Movie Reviews
- Specific Classifications (comedy, kids, etc)
- Latest releases to video & DVD

Weather Topics
- Winter Safety
- Summer Safety
- Gardening

I realise this is a very short list, but I encourage you to be creative when making your own list. Don't forget to be specific!

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